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Hotel Personnel Attendance Control System(PDKS) and Access Solutions

Hotel Pdks System Demands..:

What time does your staff come to work, is it late?

What time does your staff leave work, are there early departures?

What shifts and at what intervals does your staff work?

How many hours does your staff work?

Can you track how effectively your staff is working?

Are your working hours and shifts outside the law?

Can you properly track overtime, leave, absenteeism?

Can you calculate overtime, leave, lateness?

How healthy can you make salary calculations?

If you have conflicts in the face of these problems, we recommend you to use the Fonetsan Hotel Personnel Tracking System.

With the Personnel Tracking System; Entry and exit control with card, fingerprint, face recognition systems Entry and exit information, weekly, monthly reporting Ensuring that shifts, working hours and employees are determined proportionally. Performance reports on a daily, monthly basis.

Detection of problematic personnel with habits such as absenteeism, being late, leaving early, warning system, within the framework permitted by the laws of shifts, overtime and normal working hours.

You will have the opportunity to calculate fast and secure in the computer environment and to store data for a long time.

Hotel PDKS System- How the personnel tracking system can be applied?

A card reader is placed at the point where your employees enter and exit or the terminal is installed. Each staff member is given a PDKS Card or Fingerprint, Face Recognition can also be used. This card also stores the identity information of the personnel. The size of the card is like a credit card. These cards contain serial numbers, if the system is biometric, fingerprints or faces are identified. Employees log in by having these cards read on turnstiles or barriers at work entry and exit, and their time zone identification information is recorded.

If you have a Personnel Tracking System, you can prevent certain personnel from entering and exiting technical rooms and private rooms, and this will increase your security. In the personnel attendance control system, the biometric system is more recommended, it does not require wear and renewal, and it does not cause you to spend additional costs.


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