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otel firewall

Hotel Firewall Solutions and Systems

Firewall, also known as a firewall, is a system that securely controls inbound and outbound traffic on your internet network. Firewall provides IP Limitation, Port Limitation, Web Limitation and Content Limitation options while controlling internet traffic

What does Firewall Do?

Firewall, virus and malware that can infect your device from the internet, as well as hackers, etc. It also protects you against malicious people. Any kind of data coming from the internet reaches the firewall first. After the necessary cleaning and extraction process is done here, the data is delivered to you without any threat. In a system without a firewall, the virus infecting a computer can spread to all computers and threaten your personal data.

You can restrict access to certain websites and words through the firewall. This method, which is especially preferred by companies, is used to increase the productivity of employees. Similarly, filtering can be done to prevent the download action in cafes and dormitories.

How to get Firewall Service?

Anyone who purchases the Fonetsan services indirectly also purchases the Firewall services. Firewall, which is offered free of charge with the Fonetsan device, is a system that is easy to use and very fast to install.

If you want to get more detailed information about the firewall service, you can get information by contacting us.

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