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If your company wants to enable people who are authorized to critical places to be able to pass according to the given time periods and authorization level, to ensure their follow-up and to receive this pass information as a report at desired time intervals, then an access control system is needed. Access control systems have a very important place for businesses in terms of security, tracking, time use and business personnel discipline and productivity.

These systems are generally used independently, with computer infrastructure, encrypted, card, fingerprint reader, and the types of these readers vary according to the importance of the place.

In the systems, turnstiles are used to ensure the passage of personnel in a certain order, barriers to provide access to vehicle parking areas, magnetic locks for standard door passages or electric door counters are used instead.

Personnel Attendance Tracking System

The card pass system, in its broadest sense, provides access control and reporting within the enterprise. With this aspect, the card pass system is both a unique security system and an indispensable element of reducing management costs. The system ensures that the operating personnel and information are secured in the most secure way with the latest technology, reducing the amount of work done for security and reducing costs at the same time.


Fingerprint Access Personnel Attendance Tracking System

Fingerprint reading systems working with a margin of error of 1 in 5 billion designed for personnel attendance and tracking of places such as holiday resorts, hotels, factories, warehouse construction sites, large stores and shopping malls, are a candidate to replace proximity card systems with fingerprint recognition capacity from 500 to 4000 people. is technology. It can work by utilizing the computer network and can be connected to the computer via com port. Considering the cost of proximity cards, fingerprint recognition systems that are economical and eliminate the necessity of carrying a card can work simultaneously with a password and proximity card. Fingerprint recognition time is 3 seconds for 200 users, fingerprint reading time is less than 1 second by entering a password.

In addition to preventing the damages to the price economies of the enterprises due to lost time and human error factors in manually calculating enterprises, PDKS systems; It brings discipline and modernity in personnel follow-up to the enterprise. The enterprise, which can control personnel costs and personnel working hours, can also take the chance to be more effective in markets where competition is very intense.


How to Install PDKS System?

By using one of the PDKS system, fingerprint pdks or proximity pdks card reader devices; A card reader or fingerprint terminal is mounted on the wall or on a turnstile at the point where personnel enter and exit. If the employee has a system card, personnel cards are given in the size of a credit card containing the logo of the company. These cards may be serial numbers or may contain the identity information of the person using the card. If the pdks system is biometric, the fingerprint records are defined on the device and matched on the software side, and the Personnel are also defined in the pdks software.

The software of the Pdks system is installed on any computer or server used in the enterprise, the software developed by our company. PDKS software, the business hours, penalty cuts, departments, etc. Program parameters are arranged according to their special structures, and the user who receives the training is given the necessary training for daily use so that the parameters can be changed when they need to be changed.


How PDKS System is used?

Personnel pass by scanning the card from the proximity card reader terminal or pressing their finger to the fingerprint reader terminal at the entrance and exit. The information is stored in the memory of the reader terminal. Stored input and output records are transferred to the pdks program at any time and are tracked through the pdks program.

Now the user can get the reports (late arrivals, early departures, overtime workers, absentees etc.) from the software of the pdks system. If desired, the PDKS system also calculates the normal and overtime of the personnel and prepares the data suitable for the end-of-month payroll software, thus reducing the payroll process to the minimum time. By transferring this data from the Pdks software to the payroll program, the process load is lightened and the process accelerates.

ceyhan pdks bluecode
Bluecode PDKS System,

BlueCode PDKS program is designed to be simple and useful. The program is a system where personnel can follow their movements, advance information, overtime information, leave information and advance information. By defining these personnel information, the user can perform all their operations on a single form.

PDKS Software

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Face recognition

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Bluecode Software
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Thanks to the personnel advance and bonus module, the personnel payments within the month are tracked and the relevant figures are reflected in the salary.

The daily and annual leave information of the personnel can be entered into the system free of charge and thus the annual leave program can be planned.Tolerance period can be defined for personnel entrances and exits, and thus penalties can be applied to personnel who violate the tolerance.Manual entry and exit movements can be made and movements can be changed for personnel who forget to print cards. (new transaction entry and corrections can be understood by the administrator).Personnel entry and exit can be diversified with shift logic.Reporting can be done on an individual or departmental basis.Thanks to the multi-assignment menu, collective shift/movement/overtime/advance assignments can be made, thus providing ease of operation.There is a company definition and the personnel outside the company can be included in the reports by making a company definition.Reports can be received in excel/txt/html/xml formats.Integration with accounting programs in *.*txt format is provided.


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