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Server Setup and Management

We do the server installations are configurations according to the needs of our customers. Having a server within the company and using various applications on this server provides many advantages.


Differences Between Servers and Desktops

High performance: Since they will serve multiple users, they should contain multi-processor support, a fast raid disk system, high-capacity memory and CPU.

Extensibility: How much the server used can be updated according to customer needs. For example, can you increase the number of processors or speed in response to the increased load or how much can the amount of memory increase? And it’s compatibility with the operating system.

Redundancy: The equipment used should be redundant, in case of a malfunction, the backup hardware in the server should be activated automatically and continue to work without any problems.

Security: Recently, the concept of security on both the personal computer and the server side has gained importance and has become a topic on its own. At this point we can say that the security of the servers is more important than anything else.

The steps we follow in the selection and installation of server systems;

Hardware parts of the server or servers are determined and procured by mutual negotiation with considering the needs of your business.

Considering your needs, the operating systems and software you need to use will be determined and  procured, the necessary installations will be made and licensed. (Windows Server 2008-2012 etc...). The services you need (WEB-DNS-FTP-MAIL-NAS-SAN etc.) will be installed and configured on the installed operating system.

Commercial and corporate software that your business needs or that you used before will be determined and installed.

The system will be secured, necessary technical tests will be carried out, and the system will be completed and launched.

For the servers we have installed, we are offering instant Technical Support with our expert staff.

You can get support from us in many areas, from the determination of the products your business needs and the correct positioning of these products to their design and installation accordingly to the existing infrastructure, and also for the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate the errors.

The services we offer can be listed as follows; 

- Domain Controller

- Exchange Server Services

- Exchange Server Migration

- Terminal Server Installation

- Database Server Installation

- IIS Services

- Group Policy Solutions

- Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal

- Microsoft Server 2003-2008 Installation and Configuration

- Web Server Installation and Configuration (Web Server)

- Mail Server Installation and Configuration

- Ftp Server Installation and Configuration (Ftp Server)

- Proxy Server Installation and Configuration

- SQL server installations


Technology Consulting Project Company

FONETSAN Information Technologies and Engineering Inc. aspect; We have become one of the few technology solutions companies of Izmir together with you, our esteemed business partners, on this path we started in 2000. In this process; We have signed many valuable projects. We are proud to serve you by taking part in projects that lead to results with strong brands, including Turkey's leading projects. In order to be able to provide you with more comprehensive and professional services, FONETSAN A.Ş. We continue on our way.


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