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Netsis started its journey in Izmir in 1991, now continues its journey with 400 business partners in 10 countries, a team of nearly 200 people, and more than 150 thousand users in more than 40 thousand companies, raising the bar of success in the sector every year, both with its technology and services. Netsis draws a steady growth chart within the framework of its vision of "From Local to Universal" and exports the most valuable capital of today: information. Also contributes to the recognition of Turkey as a country that develops technology in international platforms.

Solutions that lead your business to profitability:

Industry Solutions

Netsis industry solutions create opportunities that will maximize the efficiency of your business, reduce faulty production costs, and speed up the production process and management decisions by providing cooperation between suppliers, manufacturers, vendors and even customers.If you want to ensure coordination and maximum efficiency in business processes, to stay ahead of the competition and to win continuously, Netsis industry solutions are all your business needs.

Automotive Sector

Netsis automotive sector solutions have been developed to meet all the needs of the sector. With Netsis automotive sector solutions, integration of not only production but also all business processes, including international customers and suppliers, is ensured. Netsis automotive solutions developed in parallel with the sector-specific expectations of many Netsis customers from the automotive sector. It offers end-to-end solutions from supply chain management to stock control, from production planning to human resources applications and financial processes.

Food Industry

The food industry is a work area dominated by multi-layered and complex business processes from farm to consumer. In order to achieve the targeted standards in the production of food that is closely related to human health, effective monitoring of all processes from production to consumer is required with special technologies.

The food industry requires full integration from order processes to quality control, from production to capacity planning, from campaign management to international standard measurement. Netsis takes ambitious steps based on its long years of experience in the food industry .

 Chemical Industry

Netsis Chemical industry solutions provide end-to-end process and operation management to chemical companies. Netsis brings conveniences to companies such as low investment cost, shortening of project setup time, and best practice.

Construction Sector

Turkish Construction companies have been at the forefront of their construction projects at home and abroad for years. With the new economy, costs are becoming very important in this sector. Netsis has been following the construction industry for years, and with the experience and research it has gained from the companies Netsis serves and produces solutions that are keeping up with the industry.


Retailing, by definition, is to buy a good or service from the manufacturer and sell it to the final consumer. For this reason, effective management of stocks, speed, efficiency, and most importantly supply chain management are of great importance in the sector. It is a proven fact by studies that the efficiency level of a supply chain managed with correctly selected and adapted software systems is increased. Netsis Software retail solutions offer integrated solutions to all areas of the industry, specially for today's retail applications.

Textile Sector

Netsis has developed the textile solutions that businesses needs with the experience it has gained from many customers in the textile sector for 17 years. With these solutions, which offer end-to-end management opportunities in every field from supply chain to production planning, from human resources to finance, from stock to reporting, it is always possible to make a profit for your business.

Tourism Sector

Netsis tourism solutions creates integrity within the business by providing integration with the front office through portal interface software. Logging similar information to two different software in the front and back office both causes unnecessary labor loss and causes possible user errors during the entries/transactions and therefore causes inconsistencies between the systems. Netsis tourism solutions include front office, material planning and back office. It accelerates business processes and increases the quality of the service by facilitating the flow of information between the offices.

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Technology Consulting Project Company

FONETSAN Information Technologies and Engineering Inc. aspect; We have become one of the few technology solutions companies of Izmir together with you, our esteemed business partners, on this path we started in 2000. In this process; We have signed many valuable projects. We are proud to serve you by taking part in projects that lead to results with strong brands, including Turkey's leading projects. In order to be able to provide you with more comprehensive and professional services, FONETSAN A.Ş. We continue on our way.


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